The Golden Age of Variety

Walk with Frank down memory lane as he recalls some of the enticing acts who appeared at the Bodger's Spinney Variety Theatre during its golden age: Nobby Puck : The Human Windsock. Bells clanged whenever Nobby Puck ... Read More...

turnmill street
The Slang Guide to London: Turnmill Street

Amongst the many glorious works that Jonathon 'Mr Slang' Green produced for The Dabbler during his prolific spell as a regular columnist was the Slang Guide to London - a series of posts viewing the ...

lord berners
Lord Berners – The man who left Lesbos

Steerforth remembers one of the more flamboyant dabblers of the 20th century... One of the most colourful and unjustly forgotten characters of ...

Mary Dawson Elwel "Bedroom, Bar House, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire" (1935)
The Destination

Where are we all headed?, asks Stephen (rhetorically)... We are often advised to take heed of the old saw "life is ...

The Boobrie

Is it a giant cormorant? A particularly vicious mosquito? Or something else? The Wikiworm consults this  weird Wikipedia article to ...