The Wedding List of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips – Part 2

Princess anne wedding

As well as the usual diamonds and whatnot, Princess Anne received hundreds of wedding gifts from ordinary members of the public, many of them ludicrous and possibly insulting. See part 1 of the list here, and here’s part 2…

Here is a further selection from the list of gifts received by HRH Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips on their wedding day on 14 November 1973. One shudders to think, incidentally, of the couple fighting over ownership of certain of these items when they later divorced.

603. Mrs J G Dean. A pottery badger.
661. Mr C Trevor-Roberts. Danish “problem game”.
693. Mrs R Gale. One coat hanger.
717. Mrs Gertrude Johnson. A white linen biscuit cover.
723. Mrs T J Comerford. A tea towel.
739. Cradley Church of England Infants’ School, Class 1. A scrapbook made by the donors.
751. Miss Elaine Gould & Miss Sally Todd. Book, The Tragedy Of Hambeth & Maclet, by the donors.
754. Mrs Rose Craig. A pair of tights.
773. The Lady Zia Wernher, Major & Mrs David Butter, and Lieutenant Colonel & Mrs Harold Phillips. A pair of muffineers.
795. Mrs B R Smith. Booklet, Mothers Of Kentucky.
807. Major Sir Brian & Lady Barttelot. A Selotape dispenser.
893. Miss Doris Shaw. The Prayer Of A Horse.
1036. Sir Lew & Lady Grade. A video cassette recorder.
1054. Squadron Leader P Beer. An electric toaster.
1090. Mrs Charles McClelland. A pair of boots carved out of coal.
1131. The Occupants of 34 Fairford Avenue, Luton. Two bars of soap.
1153. Mrs Diane Shepherd-Cross. A pair of scissors.
1184. Mrs Joseph P Goode. Three petrified wooden eggs.
1214. Lieutenant Colonel & Mrs Wilson Hawkins. Card index system.
1288. Mr & Mrs A Hammond Chambers. A jug and a sandwich box.
1336. Anonymous. Toilet preparations.
1385. Mr & Mrs John Woodhouse. Two sets of horse bandages.

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3 thoughts on “The Wedding List of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips – Part 2

  1. Brit
    January 30, 2015 at 10:47

    Miss Elaine Gould & Miss Sally Todd. Book, The Tragedy Of Hambeth & Maclet, by the donor

    A real rib-tickler that, no doubt.

    • Brit
      January 30, 2015 at 10:59

      I just googled it, in case it was a proper book rather than a keen amateur effort banged out on a typewriter and held together with staples and Tippex.

      But it appears not.

    January 31, 2015 at 00:45

    The boots carved out of coal sound awkward to walk in, but could be a preventive against frostbite, if only briefly. Was there just one pair, or was it his-and-hers?

    It strikes me that any collection of wedding gifts in Wodehouse always includes fish knives. May I hope that the happy couple got enough fish knives to set a table for eight?

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