Dabbler Showcase: Rorie Nairn

"As the storm clears"

“As the storm clears”

We’ve teamed up with Artfinder – the online affordable art marketplace – to showcase artists who we think deserve to be seen by a wider audience. Our latest choice is Rorie Nairn, a painter who specialises in landscape and the effects of light and weather…

Artist Rorie Nairn travels throughout the UK to paint on location. Known for his expressive brushwork and skillful handling of paint, his aim is to capture the drama and dynamism brought to the landscape by changes in weather.

"And the sky breaks open"

“And the sky breaks open”

"Fold upon fold of light"

“Fold upon fold of light”

"And night approaches with her shades"

“And night approaches with her shades”

Rorie also has a beautifully-executed series of small oil paintings painted on location in beaches around the UK.

Artfinder have a range of works by Rorie available to buy at very affordable prices. Visit his Artfinder page here.


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