Catherine Brennand’s France

A special treat for Francophiles and lovers of art and architecture…

These wonderful images are taken from a new book Catherine Brennand’s France.

Catherine was an award-winning water-colourist with a special love of architecture. Diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2002 she continued to paint full time through two courses of chemotherapy before dying, aged 44, in May 2006. During her short life she completed over 900 paintings of predominantly buildings in Britain, France, Italy, the USA, Malta, Spain, Greece and Israel.

Catherine Brennand’s France is a celebration of her love of both the country and its architecture. Containing over 200 reproductions of paintings and line drawings, together with personal diary entries and scrap book notes of research trips – perfect for Francophiles and art lovers alike.

Daily Telegraph columnist Harry Mount wrote:

It is rare that an artist captures the spirit in which you’ve just looked at something. But Catherine did. She caught the feel of Aix’s architecture; its pale honey-coloured stone carved into a romantic, domesticated classical style. She also caught the spirit of Provence – the feeling of heat trapped in stone, the relaxed air of a university town, of a place of rare beauty that has mysteriously stayed of the tourist trail.

Copies of are available from Amazon and can be ordered in any decent bookshop. For more information about Catherine visit her website at

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