Slightly Foxed

“I won’t say that Slightly Foxed is essential, it’s just that I can’t live without it any more.”
Bernard Cornwell

Discerning readers who enjoy our 1p Book Reviews are in for a treat, as we are delighted to announce that The Dabbler is joining forces with Slightly Foxed.
Slightly Foxed: The Real Reader’s Quarterly is a wonderful review magazine, unique in that it introduces good books from both the past and the present, rather than being tied to what’s fashionable. Like The Dabbler, Slightly Foxed focuses on the overlooked gems that have fallen into undeserved neglect, not just the obvious and trendy.
Each quarter it offers 96 pages of lively personal recommendations for books of lasting interest; books that have stood the test of time and have left their mark on the people who write about them.
Having managed to get my hands on some back issues, I can vouch for the quality of the reviews: uniformly erudite but unpretentious; enthusiastic but with a lightness of touch and plenty to amuse. Like The Dabbler, it’s an eclectic mix and the contributors include both well-known names and talented amateurs.
In the coming weeks and months you can expect to see selected articles from the magazine on The Dabbler, as well as exclusive competitions to win some terrific Slightly Foxed prizes.

You can find out more about Slightly Foxed and buy a subscription here. In addition to the quarterly review, they produce beautiful, cloth-bound limited edition prints of selected books (including Michael Wharton’s The Missing Will, which I described as ‘a hoot’ here) and have a shop on Gloucester Road, SW7.

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6 thoughts on “Slightly Foxed

    October 7, 2010 at 15:41

    I must admit that I’d never heard of slightly foxed before, but it looks brilliant! Im very tempted to try and get down to Glos. Rd to have a look at the shop and inhale those genuine slightly foxed fumes

    October 7, 2010 at 17:19

    I’ve been a subscriber for a couple of years and I can’t live without it any more, either. Slightly Foxed is very dabblerish.

    October 7, 2010 at 17:30

    So been fox hunting then, or is this yet another reverse takeover, unlike worm I can’t look at the shop, without the aid of Google earth.

    Can they review the Humax Freesat manual please.

    Gadjo Dilo
    October 8, 2010 at 06:28

    It’s wonderful that they can make a go of an enterprise such as this in this day and age. I wish I had more time for reading – at the moment I’m looking only for a Haines maintenance manual for a 2005 Ford Fusion.

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