Vacancy at The Dabbler! Would you like to be the Editor of our Book Club?

Want to get into publishing? Here’s a unique opportunity for an enthusiastic book-lover…

The Dabbler Book Club currently has approximately 1000 members, who receive a monthly email newsletter and are entered into regular free draws to win new books, along with various other goodies and freebies.

Now we’re looking for someone to take the Club to the next level and become Dabbler Book Club Editor. Are you that person? Or is that person someone you know?

One very important point: you will not be paid! The Dabbler is a labour of love for its editors and writers and what little monies we do get in via the League of Dabblers are ploughed back into the running costs of a traffic-heavy site. (That’s partly why we need someone to help us run the Book Club).

However, lack of money aside, there are benefits:

  • you’ll get sent a lot of free books by eager publishers
  • you’ll make lots of contacts in the publishing world, including editors, authors and PR bods – great for the CV
  • you’ll get to wield surprising influence and power in matters bookish
  • you’ll get to play a major role in the exciting growth of The Dabbler and meet lots of interesting people
  • you can do it from home at hours that suit you.

Therefore the role might suit:

  • a student, graduate or other thrusting young person who wants to get into publishing, PR or marketing and gain some invaluable experience and top-end contacts
  • a book-lover with time on his or her hands, possibly retired, possibly between jobs, possibly just needing a new hobby.

What it will involve:

  • liaising with publishers to select regular book choices
  • publicising the book club membership using social media
  • discovering and working with book reviewers, including up-and-coming authors
  • interviewing authors – most likely by email
  • helping write the monthly or special email newsletters
  • running competitions
  • exploring sponsorship opportunities
  • other exciting ideas that you come up with
  • some admin, mostly managing the members’ list and posting out books.

It’ll probably take you a few hours a week to cover the basics. Beyond that, it’s up to you how much time you want to spend developing the Book Club – but the more enthusiastic you are, the better.

Ideally you will be:

  • very keen on books old and new, including fiction
  • comfortable with blogging and social media
  • a nice person, not mad, though mildly eccentric is okay
  • based in the UK – and willing to (very occasionally) travel to London

Deadline is 30 November 2012.

If you or someone you know (your partner, son or daughter, aunt, grandfather, second cousin etc) might be interested in becoming The Dabbler’s Book Club Editor, email Brit at explaining why you think you’re right  for the job. Important: please put  ‘Editor Job’ in the email’s subject line, and please allow a few weeks for a reply.

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