Handmade digital art

This video’s beautiful and intriguing (it starts about 1’40” in but the explanations that precede it are fascinating – more here). It’s made using the light ‘extruded’ from an iPad captured by long exposure photography and animated using stop-motion. I’ve been interested in the possibilities of digital art but, to date, I’ve only wondered how it might extend and develop existing forms. Excitingly, this seems an entirely new form. Digital action painting?

I think it seems so distinctively beautiful because of the life-like twitches and jerks in the animation. It’s a handmade quality: the hand holding the iPad as it moves through the air is unavoidably unsteady. This lack of slickness imparts a fragile, near-organic (ectoplasmic?!) charm, not the first quality one expects to find in digital effects.

(The music’s great too.)

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3 thoughts on “Handmade digital art

  1. johngjobling@googlemail.com'
    September 15, 2010 at 22:50

    Good stuff, pixilated early Walt Disney with radiophonic audio, the opening business speke was a bit late eightyish. However, the output of some world class Alias modelling combined with the cleverness of the 3D automation people (unfortunately most of which is not seen in public) is awesome, a video showing the Ford SMax cruising the Paris streets at night and rendered to perfection is truly awesome, sadly binned at the behest of J Mays.

    Although industrial the end results are pure art as is much of the Concorde’s internal wing structure, designed in Hatfield, only shown in aircraft museums and only if you ask.

  2. info@shopcurious.com'
    September 16, 2010 at 08:43

    Curiously ectoplasmic, Gaw. Great illustration of the creative talent at this media/communications agency – and what a luxury to be paid for ones digital dabbling (ok so long as the market for apps and ad campaigns is bouyant.. or philanthropists are plentiful perhaps?)

  3. Gaw
    September 18, 2010 at 08:34

    Susan, I think that’s a very valid observation: as with so much in this area one’s looking for the applications outside art and ads.

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