Discerning readers are invited to join the exclusive society of excellent persons known as the LEAGUE OF DABBLERS.

For the trifling sum of £30 per annum, you will be entitled to join the LEAGUE OF DABBLERS and will receive:

  • A splendid, signed certificate – officially decreeing that you are a Dabbler, and therefore entitled to win all arguments whether Political, Philosophical or Domestic in nature.
  • A limited edition Dabbler-branded Glencairn whisky glass – available exclusively for League of Dabbler members, not available anywhere else, and posted to your door (see below)
  • A free PDF version of Noseybonk’s Guide to Blogmanship(if you’ve already bought a PDF we’ll happily refund your £2 on request. Amazon eBooks cannot be refunded)
  • Free books – we will set aside some review copies of Dabbler Book Club monthly books for League members, hugely increasing your chance of winning a copy
  • Invitations to Dabbler events, where you’ll get the chance to consume free booze and food, and meet fellow Dabblers
  • Priority in special competitions, giveaways, discounts and anything else we think of
  • The knowledge that you will be supporting the finest site on the web, and the good wishes of the Dabblers

Join the League here:


Support The Dabbler

The donate button below is yours to operate whenever the mood takes you, whether you are a League member or not. No sum is too small or too large.

All proceeds will be put straight back into running the site. This means, primarily, hosting costs and technical work, which are growing as the site grows, troubleshooting costs and site improvements (for all these we have to hire techies by the hour), as well as rewarding our many contributors, members, readers and commenters..


Terms and conditions
 The Dabbler reserves the right to withdraw or substitute the offers mentioned above or to close the league or remove any particular member from the League for any reason at any time. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery of the certificate and glass. Deliveries outside the UK may take a little longer. Only one certificate and glass will be sent per member per lifetime.