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Religious revolutionary, power-hungry seductress, innocent victim, traitor – why are there so many Anne Boleyns?

Part biography, part cultural history, The Creation of Anne Boleyn is a fascinating reconstruction of Boleyn’s life and an illuminating look at her afterlife in the popular imagination. Why is she so compelling? Why does she inspire such extreme reaction? What did she really look like? Was she the flaxen-haired martyr of Romantic paintings or the raven-haired seductress of
twenty-first-century portrayals? (Answer: neither). Perhaps the most provocative questions to ask concern Anne’s death more than her life. How could Henry order the execution of a beloved wife, one he once loved so much he turned his back on his religion?

Drawing on scholarship and critical analysis, Bordo probes the complexities of one of history’s most infamous relationships. Bordo also shows how generations of polemicists, biographers, novelists, and filmmakers imagined and re-imagined Anne: whore, martyr, cautionary tale, proto ‘mean girl’, feminist icon, and everything in between. In her inimitable, straight-talking
style Bordo dares to confront the established histories, stepping off the well-trodden paths of Tudoriana to expertly tease out the real human being behind the myths.

Thanks to our friends at Oneworld publications We’ve got 5 copies of The Creation Of Anne Boleyn to give away at random to members of the Dabbler Book Club – you have to be a signed up member to win – more details can be found here

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