This week I’ve written several posts on the subject of hair and headwear. First I spotted a sudden surge in the number of fashion accessories made using hair. Then I noticed that old hairdressers’ dummies are rapidly becoming collectors’ items… In case you don’t know, these are the mannequin heads that trainee hairdressers experiment on.

Finally, I wrote a piece about headdresses. Forget fascinators, vintage inspired headdresses are the latest must have fashion accessory.  In the course of my trend research, I found these images from designer-maker website, Etsy. Thankfully, there’s no obligation to follow trends – or anyone else’s dress sense – but perhaps these images will provide you with a few ideas for Christmas party outfits?


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  1. Worm on Saturday 3, 2012

    Perfect time for the Village People to make a comeback!

  2. Gaw on Saturday 3, 2012

    I haven’t got much hair left on top and was thinking how a non-woolen skull cap would be handy. It wouldn’t be as hot as a beany so you could wear it pretty much the whole time. Perhaps in the style of the Pope’s but with some nice Islam-inspired geometric patterns.

    • Worm on Saturday 3, 2012 of those little wooly hats like Denzel in Only Fools and Horses? You’d look a bit like a socialist liverpudlian docker a la alexei sayle

      • Brit on Saturday 3, 2012

        I wear a black dockers’ beanie all the time. By far the snuggest hat that isn’t absurd.

        • Worm on Saturday 3, 2012

          my fellow dabblers are closet communists! :D

      • Gaw on Saturday 3, 2012

        No, a wool beany would be too hot. If warmth is required a tweed cap is fine for me. This is more for indoors and warm weather. Perhaps a fez, a bit like the shopkeeper in Mr Ben?

        • Worm on Saturday 3, 2012

          As an editor, you could consider one of those green visor things

  3. Peter on Saturday 3, 2012

    Susan, how about next week you do a post on fashion tips for those of us who like to wear our trousers rolled.

    • Susan on Saturday 3, 2012

      You mean something like this, Peter? I hear the tam o’ shanter is making a comeback.

  4. malty on Saturday 3, 2012

    The top right pic, heap big beanie, I used to have one, part of the set. My schoolfriend had a Tom Mix outfit, we were the classroom fantasists, Sitting Bull and Tom Mix, todays education authorities, speaking with forked tongues, would never allow that, it would transgress some minority interest and smoking the pipe of peace would be banned outright.
    Today, white mans papoose not a happy bunny.

  5. jane on Saturday 3, 2012

    My grandfather, from Vienna, met another enterprising Austrian when he was interned on the Isle of Man during the First World War. They kept in touch and, once back in Vienna, this chap suggested they go into the mannequin business. And they made a lot of hairdresser heads – well,the factory they took over did – and their business acumen did the rest. The business did so well that it had a London branch and my grandfather came over to London to deal with the London end. Unfortunately, the Austrian bloke running it had embezzled all the profits – my grandfather took him to court (in England) but the judge awarded a measly 1p. Anyway, that’s how he came to bring over my grandmother and at the time 2 daughters (one of whom was my mother). They started off staying with this chap in Wallington – when it all went wrong, they moved (by chance- but maybe as far away as possible?) to Muswell Hill.
    After that, my grandfather had various businesses – including crystal chandeliers (but that all went a bit wrong with the importation of Bohemian crystal when Hitler started on his thing). Grandpapa was interned during the Second World War (on a technicality of citizenship) for a year, also on the Isle of Man (heavy sigh). Just thought I’d add something. Can’t remember the name of the firm, though.