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This month we welcome the chance to win, review, read, share, annotate, etc. (Dabblerise in short) the work of one of our favourite contemporary critics, the great Clive James.

This month’s choice – by popular demand – is Clive James’ freshly-published A Point of View, a collection of the 60 pieces he contributed to the Radio 4 programme of the same name. We thoroughly enjoyed James’s witty, learned and sane contributions when we caught them and now welcome the chance to read at leisure what is in effect an intelligent and questioning chronicle of life in twenty-first century Britain.

Something that struck us in particular about these pieces was that they didn’t have the forced feel of so much of today’s media commentary. One felt James really did have something spontaneously interesting to say on his topics of choice rather than a need to knock out a few hundred words on a marketable position in time to meet a deadline. Of course, this may only be an impression but, if it is, it’s a damn fine one.


We have 10 copies to give away to members of the Dabbler Book Club, and 2 extra copies for members of the League of Dabblers.

How to get a free copy of A Point of View
If you are already a member of the Dabbler Book Club you will automatically be entered into the draw. If you haven’t already joined, all you have to do is sign up below. It’s free.

After that, you don’t have to do anything. All members will be automatically entered into the ballot for one of 10 free review copies, which will take place on Friday 18th November. We’ll email the winners, at which point you can opt out if you really don’t want that month’s choice and would rather another member got the chance.

See more information about the Dabbler Book Club here. Two copies are set aside exclusively for members of the League of Dabblers, so they will have a greater chance of winning.

We’ll be reviewing A Point of View in the next month or two, and you can contribute your thoughts (though you’re not obliged to.)

Thank you to our friends at Pan Macmillan for kindly providing the books.


Coming soon – more reviews, prize draws, signed copies, exclusive previews and more…
Over the coming months we’ve got some great literary giveaways exclusively for the Dabbler Book Club, including free copies, tickets to literary events and much more.

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    November 12, 2011 at 13:04

    I am very grateful to you for sending me the “signpost” to join in the free review club of the “dabblers” Ps is it 1p or is free???
    This year has gone by so fast I have had hardly had time to blink let alone read . I helped an old friend cross over and she advised me to leave all the silly idiots behind and stick my nose in a book.
    Best advice to give anyone.
    Than you once again for your pointer.
    Happy “flicks” to you all

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