Blogmanship – Or, How To Win Arguments On The Internet Without Really Knowing What You Are Talking About

Compiled by Noseybonk with illustrations by The Spine

Never lose an argument on the internet again!

At last! This essential guide to the theory and practice of Blogmanship teaches you how to win arguments on blogs, message boards and forums even (or especially) if you haven’t the faintest ideas what you are talking about.

Whether the topic is Religion vs Atheism, capital punishment, gun ownership, drug legalisation, the battle of the sexes or even more complex matters, this handbook tells you how to beat all comers.

Learn how to:

• Baffle and patronise your opponents into submission
• Wriggle out of arguments you have clearly lost
• Annoy Americans (and conversely, if you are American – annoy Britons)
• Go ‘one-up’ on people who actually agree with you

This book does for bloggers what Sun Tzu’s Art of War does for regional marketing managers and telesales executives!

Laugh-out-loud funny.
But don’t let the fact that this is a very funny pamphlet distract you from the fact that, under the laughter, the author is making a serious point about the nature of argument on the Internet. In Internet arguments, neither facts nor logic carry the day; the average commenter’s only aim is oneupmanship.
David Cohen

As Gene Simmons so memorably said, in another context, “Spot on!” Brilliantly well-observed. With so many highlights it seems unfair to pick something out for especial praise, but the Christopher Hitchens and Nick Cohen book titles were very amusing and eerily credible.
Frank Key – Hooting Yard

A work of genius born of vast blogging experience and an almost Athenian grasp of the ancient art of rhetoric.
Peter Burnet (International Society of Blogmen (Canadian branch) – Chairman)

I thought of it first.
Jonathan Law (Advanced Blogman)

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