Meet The Dabblers

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Dabbler HQ

Andrew Nixon  (Editor) – Also known as ‘Brit’, Andrew is a writer and publisher based in Bristol. Look out for his fortnightly Dabbler Diary.

Gareth Williams (Editor) No, not that one. Not that one either. Also known as ‘Gaw’. Blog history includes The Spectator Arts Blog. He’s also the author of thrilling (and very reasonably priced) e-novel Region of Sin.

Worm (Managing Editor)  In between dealing with all things technological in the Dabbler engine room, Worm writes the weekly Wikiworm column every Saturday and our monthly Book Club newsletters.

Nige (Editor Emeritus) Based in London and in an Earthly Paradise nearby. His own blog is Nigeness.



Frank Key – the legendary proprietor of Hooting Yard brings you Key’s Cupboard every Friday morning.

Mahlerman – expert dabbler in all things musical (though with the accent on the classical). Every other Sunday.

Rita Byrne-Tull – expat librarian in Maryland, USA. Brings us her thoughts on America every third Wednesday in Dispatches from the Former New World.

Stephen Pentz – The proprietor of the First Known When Lost blog curates poetry and pictures in our fortnightly Dabbler Verse feature.

Steerforth – Gentleman blogger and bookseller who brings us regular delights and oddities. His blog is The Age of Uncertainty.



Jonathan Law – the editor of numerous reference books and a director of Market House Books.

Jonathon Green – Jonathon is the world’s leading authority on English slang.  Green’s Dictionary of Slang is quite simply the most comprehensive and authorative work on slang ever published. His own site is at 

Henry Jeffreys – our resident wine expert who also blogs at World of Booze.

Jon Hotten –  is the author of The Years of the Locust and other books, blogs here, and is also the proprietor of the web’s finest cricket blog.

Daniel Kalder – a Texas-based Fifer and the author of two critically acclaimed books, Strange Telescopes and Lost Cosmonaut. He writes a weekly column for RIA Novosti, and contributes to a wide variety of publications both well-known and thoroughly obscure. All of this output he archives at his increasingly labyrinthine website.

Jassy Davis – top British foodie blogger, proprietor of the delicious Gin and Crumpets.

Scott Locklin – works on quantitative finance problems in Berkeley, California, but has lately been considering emigrating to America. He blogs at Locklin on Science.

Toby Ash – A former journalist, Toby now works a consultant in the private and humanitarian sectors. When not in deepest Cornwall or darkest London, he trots the globe taking stunning photos which you can see on his Instagram account – @toby_ash

Toby Ferris – responsible for the Anatomy of Norbiton  – and now for its ruminative calf, the Atlas of Norbiton. Doesn’t live in Norbiton.

Malty – the inimitable border-dwelling, Bosch-loving industrialist.

Philip Wilkinson – author of over 40 books, and proprietor of the English Buildings blog.



Dabbling Free

Jonathan Meades  legendary cultural commentator.

Bryan Appleyard – cultural critic, writes for the Sunday Times, New Statesman and numerous other publications. His blog is Thought Experiments.

Gwyn Headley –  the leading authority on British architecural follies. Buy his brilliant e-books at

Ian Vince – the founder of the British Landscape Club and writes the regular Strange Days column in The Daily Telegraph.

Will Lowe – The Dabbler’s Cocktail Correspondent and also a self-confessed wine and spirits geek. You can find him at Will Lowe’s Blogtails.

Alexandra Harris Alexandra teaches literature at the University of Liverpool. Her work Romantic Moderns recently won the Guardian First Book Award.

Susan Muncey – trend forecaster and founder-curator of the magnificent online curiosity shop, ShopCurious.

Martin Wainwright – Martin is the northern editor of The Guardian, has written numerous invaluable books about the British countryside (northern England in particular) and is a prolific blogger on the subject of moths.

Ian Buxton – one of the UK’s leading drinks writers and author of the bestselling 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die.

Patrick Kurp – literary blogger par excellence and proprietor of Anecdotal Evidence.

Mark Pack – usually blogs at his own site and Liberal Democrat Voice, which he co-edits. He used to be Head of Innovations at the Liberal Democrats (running the internet general election campaign in 2001 and 2005) and is now Head of Digital at MHP Communications. He is, and forever will be, one year older than email.

Becky Milligan – reports for Radio 4.

ZMKC – antipodean blogger with Hungarian tendencies and a background in Blighty, she also posts at her eponymous blog.

Rosie Bell – she was born in New Zealand and after doing her degree left for Edinburgh. She writes songs and poems, and posts at  her own blog. She also contributes to Harry’s Place and Shiraz Socialist.

Elberry – blogger and book reviewer. His ghost blogs here.

Anne Ward – the mastermind behind the remarkable Nothing to See Here blog and now the author of a Nothing to See Here book, subtitled A Guide to the Hidden Joys of Scotland.


The Dark Side

Noseybonk – terrifying and malevolent. Buy his e-book Blogmanship – Or, How to Win Arguments on the Internet Without Really Knowing What You Are Talking About here.