Quiz Special: Fiddle and Find! (Part 1)

Cryptic crosswords are too easy, aren’t they? What we need is something that somehow combines cryptic clues, anagrams and lateral thinking in a sort of mega-puzzle… Thankfully, that’s exactly what quiz-master Brit the Elder has created…

How to solve the ‘Fiddle and Find’ quiz:
(1) Solve the cryptic clue
(2) Apply the bracket to your answer
(3) Fiddle and find to get the final answer!

The final answers are all themed. The theme will become obvious after you’ve solved a few – and will then help you to solve more.


1. sell whip (4)   (l-r)
2. verminous colour (5)   (u-o)
3. rob fool (3)   (g-e)
4. Axe assassin? No, man! (7)   (t-e)
5. becomes edible (6)   (n-d)
6. nudge trudge prod plod (3)   (j-d)
7. autocontroller (8)   (m-e)
8. extended family group (5)   (b-g)
9. shop and save (5)   (t-h)
10. confuse flow controller (6)   (e-ou)


A further 10 questions (and a hint, if necessary) will follow in Part 2  tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “Quiz Special: Fiddle and Find! (Part 1)

  1. right well the first cryptic clue is easy, now have to work out how these bracket things work…

  2. Quiz Specials is hard! Thank goodness I can count on Frank Key to do the hard slogging for me and eventually show up with the answer.

    • Don’t tempt them, malty. Imagine the embarassment when it became clear three clues didn’t make the slightest difference. If they really cared a whit about seniors, they’d introduce “Spot the Bunny” contests.

  3. Going well with your guesses, which gives the theme away.

    Brit the Elder supplies the following hints for those who are struggling:

    1. Do No.6 first – it’s the easiest!
    2. Here’s a complete example of a solved clue (not linked to the theme):

    Make a point (7) (n-s) Answer: sharpen-phrases

  4. I’m glad I checked the comments, otherwise I would have been on the lookout for pumas and lions and leopards and such. 5 is spider.

  5. I’m still struggling to see the theme, Brit. While moose and dogs are most definitely Good, spiders and emus are, I’m quite sure, firmly situated in the Evil category.

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