The Daylight Gate – Winners!

Last month we’ve managed to get our paws on 10 copies of Jeanette Winterson’s new horror novel, The Daylight Gate, exciting the critics with its dark  re-imagining of the Pendle witch hunts…

GOOD FRIDAY, 1612. Pendle Hill, Lancashire.

A mysterious gathering of thirteen people is interrupted by local magistrate, Roger Nowell.

Is this a witches’ Sabbat?

Two notorious Lancashire witches are already in Lancaster Castle waiting trial. Why is the beautiful and wealthy Alice Nutter defending them? And why is she among the group of thirteen on Pendle Hill?

Elsewhere, a starved, abused child lurks. And a Jesuit priest and former Gunpowder plotter, recently returned from France, is widely rumoured to be heading for Lancashire. But who will offer him sanctuary? And how quickly can he be caught?

This is the reign of James I, a Protestant King with an obsession: to rid his realm of twin evils, witchcraft and Catholicism, at any price …

We have ten copies to give away to the following lucky members of the Dabbler Book Club, and a copy for a member of the League of Dabblers.
Alison Bacon
Simon Vigus
Michael Shuttleworth
Allegra Holbrook
Tanya Izzard
Emma Carroll
Elaine Cameron
Anthony Daniels
Pamela McAllister
Camilla Magnusson
Gregory Johnson

Congratulations to you all, your books are in the post!

See more information about the Dabbler Book Club here. A copy is set aside exclusively for members of the League of Dabblers, so they will have a greater chance of winning. Not only that, but they also get to go to sleep every night safe in the knowledge that they are gods amongst men. This month, new LoD member Gregory Johnson is our VIP winner

We’ll be reviewing The Daylight Gate in the next month or two, and you can contribute your thoughts (though you’re not obliged to.)

Thank you to our friends at Cornerstone for kindly providing the copies.


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