Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan – Winners!

This month all members of the Dabbler Book Club have been in with a chance of winning a copy of Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan, sure to be seen being read everywhere between now and Christmas. If you haven’t already joined the book club, why not sign up now, it’s free!

Serena Frome, the beautiful daughter of an Anglican bishop, has a brief affair with an older man during her final year at Cambridge, and finds herself being groomed for the intelligence services. The year is 1972. Britain, confronting economic disaster, is being torn apart by industrial unrest and terrorism and faces its fifth state of emergency. The Cold War has entered a moribund phase, but the fight goes on, especially in the cultural sphere.

Serena, a compulsive reader of novels, is sent on a ‘secret mission’ which brings her into the literary world of Tom Haley, a promising young writer. First she loves his stories, then she begins to love the man. Can she maintain the fiction of her undercover life? And who is inventing whom? To answer these questions, Serena must abandon the first rule of espionage – trust no one.

McEwan’s mastery dazzles us in this superbly deft and witty story of betrayal and intrigue, love, and the invented self.

A thoroughly clever novel…a sublime novel about novels, about writing them and reading them and the spying that goes on in doing both…very impressive…rich and enjoyable (Lucy Kellaway Financial Times )

We are giving ten copies away to these lucky members of the Dabbler Book Club

Camilla Jarvis
Nicola Burton
Carla Brown
Helen Greenwood
Rolando Santos
Peter White
Ian Warren
Fiona Davies
Jean Parker
Nicholas Tait

Congratulations to you all, your books are in the post!

See more information about the Dabbler Book Club here. A copy is also set aside exclusively for members of the League of Dabblers, so they will have a greater chance of winning. Not only that, but they also get to go to sleep every night safe in the knowledge that they are supreme beings. This month, LoD member Jonathan Law bags himself a copy.

We’ll be reviewing Sweet Tooth in the next month or two, and you can contribute your thoughts (though you’re not obliged to.)

Thank you to our friends at Random House for kindly providing the copies.


Coming soon – more reviews, prize draws, signed copies, exclusive previews and more…
Over the coming months we’ve got some great literary giveaways exclusively for the Dabbler Book Club, including free copies, tickets to literary events and much more.


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2 thoughts on “Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan – Winners!

  1. ian.james.warren@gmail.com'
    Ian Warren
    October 1, 2012 at 10:13

    Received my copy of Sweet Tooth last week. Really v chuffed indeed – many thanks. Have only read the first 30 pages so far, but may well be moved to send in a few thoughts. Haven’t done a book review since finishing my BA many years ago, so don’t hold your breath waiting for deathless prose…

    • Worm
      October 1, 2012 at 10:53

      we’d love to hear your thoughts Ian – and any one else’s who received a copy too!

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