Sightlines – Winners!

Announcing the winners of this month’s Dabbler Book Club choice…

Sightlines by Kathleen Jamie is our latest Dabbler Book Club choice, announced here. We began our week with a ship’s encounter with an iceberg, as does Jamie’s book and here’s a taster:

The next iceberg offers to the ship a ramp as smooth and angled as a ski jump. Just slide right up here, little ship, it seems to say, but the invitation is declined. It passes astern. Then the next appears down the fjord – a preposterous cake, with ink-blue shadows. Then another, the size of a three-storey house, with walls knapped into smooth, hard facets, like flint. Under the water’s surface they are a blue you could fall into, as you could have fallen forever into the silence of the morning. It’s like some slow delirium, a fantasy you can’t shake, but with an undertow of menace. Although we shout when they appear, it’s different when they glide past; no one speaks then. The camera’s click, but the icebergs give nothing, suggest nothing but a white nihilism.

There are ten lucky winners of a book full of such prose, chosen at random from our book club members:

Jeremy Hards

Diane Cooper

Laura Cremer

Barbara Morrow

Susan Luckie

Simon Sims

Elaine Mason

Joseph Lysaght

Frances Hopkins

Tracey Steadman

We have a couple of League of Dabblers winners in Colin Mercer and Ian Hadden.

Thank you to our kind friends at Sort Of Books for providing the books.

If you didn’t win you can always buy a copy here [worth doing as, yes, it really is brilliant; Ed.].

However you come across your copy we’d welcome your thoughts on Sightlines. We’ll be taking another look at it next month when you’ll have a chance to see those thoughts posted at The Dabbler. Just email us at

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