What Brow are You? The Dabbler’s Style Guide – Highbrow to Lowbrow

Susan is away this week, but that does give us another opportunity to publish her magnificent Dabbler Style Guide, which will enable you to establish what ‘brow’ you are…

Inspired by the above magnificent chart from a 1940s edition of TIME magazine (click on it for a larger picture), which purports to explain everyday tastes from Highbrow to Lowbrow, this handy chart will enable you to pinpoint exactly where you stand on every important matter of style, and from there to draw a general conclusion about your overall classification

With Susan’s words, and design and illustrations by The Spine, we proudly present The Dabbler’s Style Guide: Everyone’s Tastes from Highbrow to Lowbrow(again, click on the picture for a larger image):



You can also use this chart to work out which character from the Noseybonk saga you most resemble. Give yourself 4 points for each ‘Highbrow’ answer, 3 for each ‘Upper Middlebrow’, 2 for each ‘Lower Middlebrow’ and 1 point for each ‘Lowbrow’.

Then add up your score…

11-13: You are Wayne Rooney
14-16: You are Ed Balls
17-21 You are Rod Lidl
22-30: You are Alain de Botton
31-40: You are Sarah Brown (snazzy red patent sling-backs)
41-43: You are
Julian Assange (left-wing) or Boris Johnson (right-wing) or Josie Pringle (student)
44 (maximum): You are Brian Sewell (no, not a ‘Brian Sewell-type character’, but THE actual Brian Sewell)

Susan will be back next week.
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