Round Blogworld Quiz Special – The Solution

Congratulations and cream buns to quiz experts Adelephant and Jonathan Law. The former gets the mega-bun for a very thorough answer. Click continue for the official solution…

The connection is that each of the answers is a collective noun for a type of bird or critter…

  1. Roaring for the English batsman, indebted. (9) – Bellowing (bullfinches)
  2. A number of spots cause sudden failure. (5) – Crash (rhinos)
  3. Pass it, if you’re good enough! (6) – Muster (peacocks; penguins)
  4. Acumen from wise head. (10) – Shrewdness (apes)
  5. Famous horse backed to make a killing. (6) – Murder (crows)
  6. Spell “allure”. (5) – Charm (goldfinches)
  7. Noise of mollusc, belonging to you and me.(7) – Charm (goldfinches)
  8. Houses which disorderly pair lament. (10) – Parliament (owls)
  9. Hesitation after Greek god and fiend (Roman one) cause chaos.(11) – Pandemonium (parrots)
  10. Praise explodes into a form of worship. (10) – Exaltation (larks)
  11. Rate “not sound”. (4) – Knot (toads)
  12. Delivery workers? (6) – Labour (mules)
  13. Guard, guards, lookout, lookouts. (5) – Watch (nightingales)
  14. “And his _________ may defeat my life”. (Othello) (10)  – Unkindness (ravens)
  15. Sounds like Bilbo’s golden treasure, but actually it’s wooden. (4) – Yoke (oxen)
Thanks to Brit Senior for supplying an excellent quiz!
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