Round Blogworld Quiz Special: Solutions

Bryan’s clue hijklmno (5) is ‘water’. (H to O, get it?)

“Do rey me fah so la do, do rey me fah so la do” (5) is ‘notes’ (no ‘te’s)

Here are the rest:

1. She takes a lot of trouble to compose her features (5,4) = AGONY AUNT (straight cryptic clue)

2. Power to capture both rooks, giving brilliant mate (2,5) = MR RIGHT (RR – both rooks in chess notation, is ‘captured by’ ‘Might’, meaning power. Mr Right = brilliant mate)

3. When depressed, one gives no impression of character (5,3) = SPACE BAR (straight cryptic clue)

4. Pot of ale (4,5)= BEER BELLY (cryptic)

5. Glance at the fixtures: not much on (8) = SCANTIES (ie. Scan the ties, if you’re in your scanties you haven’t got much on)

6. Very fine clues sold for a pound (9) = CLOUDLESS (anagram of ‘clues sold’ – ie. ‘pounded’/smashed up, meaning ‘Very fine.’ Tough that one, as ‘for a pound’ is rare as an anagram-pointer).

7. Fit in girl’s pockets (15) = MISAPPROPRIATES (Fit is ‘appropriate’, inside ‘Miss’ meaning girl, the whole word means ‘pockets’ ie. steal)

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